Meet the Team

Director & Evangelist

Glen Scrivener

Operations Manager

Sandy Medway

Media Producer

Andy Brinkley

Prayer Co-ordinator

Linda Owen

Together our vision is:

  • to champion Christ-centred evangelism in the UK and beyond,
  • to equip the church with world-class evangelistic resources, and
  • to see millions reached and thousands transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the next 12 months our projects include:

    • Releasing and promoting a new evangelistic book: 3-2-1
    • Filming a four part evangelistic course: 3-2-1
    • Producing a six part evangelism training course: 3-2-1-Go
    • Launching a high-quality evangelistic website
    • Establishing a world-class website to resource evangelists
    • Continuing to preach in churches and universities
    • Continuing to train evangelists in churches and 5 different training institutions

In addition to these core activities we also have opportunity to bless others through our Love Africa initiatives

Maoni Orphanage
& Loveafrica

Growing out of our radio ministry to Southern Africa we have developed relationships with evangelists in Malawi, Kenya and Uganda. Since 2004 we have been supporting 4 evangelists out of our tithe and we also run a child sponsorship scheme for the Maoni orphanage in southern Malawi.

Get in touch to see how you can support.


The Evangelist's Podcast is our weekly broadcast with over 5000 downloads each episode. Glen and Andy discuss how to speak of Jesus to friends, neighbours and even complete strangers.

If you want to explore any of those points further, here's where we delve a little deeper

Our evangelistic videos have won a Jerusalem Award and been seen over
250 000 times - often with dramatic results.
Here are two responses to our "3-2-1" video, translated into 15 languages:

  • "This is amazing news! The whole world should be grateful! I want to live out this life now." (Office Worker in Beijing)
  • I watched your video “321”... Now Im looking at the world with different eyes. (Unemployed French Woman)

Three videos side by side: 321 Halloween Hell sermon

Glen's "321" gospel outline exists as a video, a tract, a book, an evangelistic course and a website. It has been heartily endorsed by church leaders like John Piper, Mike Reeves, Tim Chester and Rico Tice.

Click image for original tweet

The Book and Tract are available from


For decades we have been publishing a regular prayer bulletin, collecting together inspiring stories of gospel advance around the world. This bulletin is eagerly received by about 5000 people across the world and inspires prayer for the global church and its mission.

Training up Evangelists

  • Participants on a recent evangelism training course

Glen advises church pastors, speaks to leadership teams and trains ordinary Christians in evangelism around the country.

Contact us to book Glen

From participants on a recent evangelism training course

"I don't think I understood the gospel until today”

"I never knew that Jesus loved me 'till now”

Prayer Centre

Although our mission is nationwide we cannot ignore our home town. Situated in the heart of Eastbourne, our offices are known locally as “The Prayer Centre.” We are a hub of activity and prayer for the Christian community as well as a drop-in point for the town.

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