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Although our mission is nationwide we cannot ignore our home town. Situated in the heart of Eastbourne, our offices are known locally as “The Prayer Centre.” We are a hub of activity and prayer for the Christian community as well as a drop-in point for the town.

In 2001, Revival developed some of its office space into a Christian Prayer Centre, for people to come and meet with God. Over the years we have had many groups use the prayer centre, as well as individuals.


• To provide a centre dedicated to the ministry of prayer
• To make the premises available to the Christian community
• To forward unity amongst Eastbourne’s churches
• To set up a network of prayer volunteers
• To provide a prayer/counselling drop-in facility
• To bring people together to pray for specific needs and issues (E.g. Eastbourne police, Christian witness in schools, overseas needs…)
• To seek God in repentance, reconciliation, and re-consecration
• To pray especially for revival and spiritual awakening in the town
• To be a blessing to Eastbourne, its people, and its churches.

Below is a calendar of events that are happening this month.

Eastbourne Prayer Centre is the home of Revival, a Christian media organisation spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ all around the world through radio programmes.

You do not have to look too far, nor too hard, to see that the vast majority of British people have all but lost any personal faith in the God of the Bible. The resulting collapse of moral standards in public and private life is made all the more painful by the evidence of a Church largely in retreat and Christian influence clearly in decline.

Whilst some strategies have succeeded in slowing the overall rate of decline (there are church groups and projects that have witnessed exciting development in recent years), the British population remains largely disinterested, having less and less exposure to the Gospel message. Eastbourne, where Revival is based, is no exception.

Despite its ever-growing population - made up mainly of young families, the homeless, and refugees - many have scarcely any church connections and remain untouched by the life-changing message of the Risen Christ. It is from this position of weakness - coupled with the frustration of failure and the apparent hopelessness of the situation - that it has become imperative that God's people unite in seeking His mercy on an increasingly Godless society.

How can we hope to see the kind of spiritual awakening needed to turn the hearts of Britain's people back to God? It is a goal that cannot be achieved even with the finest of human strategies and effort. It is a work that only a gracious and merciful God can do - "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain" (Psalm 127:1).

The vision for the prayer centre was born out of a growing concern for Eastbourne, for our nation, our churches, and our unsaved fellow citizens. It was born out of zeal for the Name of Jesus that is being blasphemed even by little children in our town. It was born out of the shame of our own pitiful efforts to make a difference, and it was born from the realisation that, first and foremost, God is calling His people to come to Him as a living sacrifice.

We would not be so bold as to suggest that the Prayer Centre, in and of itself, will bring about the kind of spiritual awakening and revival that the town of Eastbourne needs. But we do believe it may be able to play a significant role in bringing God's people together to seek His face, and help create a spirit of intercession that will bring blessing upon our churches, upon our town, and even to the world beyond.

The very existence of the prayer centre will, we believe, challenge and encourage God's people to come together to pray - in unity - for the Lord to change the spiritual atmosphere of our town and nation.

The ultimate aim is to establish a centre in which people are praying 24 hours a day, inspired by the words of Isaiah 62:6-7:

"I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth."

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